Tempering ovens – optimisation in a systematic way

Tempering ovens are made use of mainly in the production of glass or plastics. In a oven of this type exactly defined conditions must often prevail. We work out the optimal solution for your special area of application.

Curing ovens – effective and modular concept

During the curing process chemical substances are cured at appropriate temperatures. Münstermann’s curing ovens are used for example in the production of glass wool. Glass fibres are mixed with a special phenolic resin and fed into a curing oven. In the oven two chain links press the glass wool together and hot air is passed through this under pressure. The resin hardens as a result and gives the glass wool the right form and its typical yellow colour. An important characteristic of the Münstermann plant is its ease of maintenance. The modular design of the curing ovens makes an uncomplicated adjustment to the production capacity required.

IR and UV radiation dryer – well-tried and economic

Münstermann is well-known for its competence in the design and development of UV and IR radiation dryers. UV dryers are especially suitable for drying solvent-free or low-solvent coatings. Such coatings are almost predestined for drying or better curing using electro-magnetic radiation. IR dryers are also mainly used for the drying of coatings.

Münstermann builds for example

  • Tempering ovens for the production of glass and safety glass
  • Tempering ovens for the production of plastic components
  • Curing ovens for the production of glass wool mats and pipe shell covers
  • Radiation dryers for drying paper and plastic sheets