Münstermann has been supplying continuous oves for heating aluminum strips for quite some time. These systems, which are also called "reheater" or "prebake oven" serve to produce a defined material temperature immediately before winding the tapes. The systems developed and manufactured by Münstermann can either be heated with gas burners or with electric heating coils.

Narrow tolerances for the material temperature

Extensive measures in the control or regulation of the air flow in the oven as well as the heating power and the operating temperature ensure that the desired material temperature is reached at the outlet of the furnace even in the extremely discontinuous operating conditions immediately before the take-up reel within very narrow limits. Various measures that Münstermann has also taken in oven design ensure that even with large material widths, tight temperature tolerances, even across the material direction, can be maintained.

Compact design and great reliability

The compact Münstermann design of the ovens allows extremely short assembly times, low energy losses through the system housing and a very good tightness of the process area. Our specialists adapt the ovens optimally to the conditions of the lines in which the ovens are integrated. Small and also large pass line heights, even in combination with height limitations are made possible by special design variants of the ovens.

The selection of high-quality materials in the construction of the oven housing, as well as the use of components from renowned suppliers ensure a high level of system availability for a long time with minimal maintenance.