Almost all bag filters have a large-dimensioned raw gas channel, which makes it possible to absorb raw gas streams with very high dust load. The bag filters are usually so-called toploaders, which means that the bags are installed in the filter housing from the clean gas side. This allows uncomplicated replacement of used bags and a safe and less stressful work for the maintenance personnel. The reduction of downtime for such work by simple and safer handling also contributes to the economic advantages of Münstermann bag filters.

Depending on the exhaust air temperature, ingredients and other process and environmental data, the right filter bag material is selected to achieve optimum separation efficiency together with the filter geometry and type of filter cleaning.

Cleaning with compressed air

The filter bags are pulled over support baskets, so that they cannot contract while being exposed to dust. For cleaning these filter bags, compressed air is used in most cases. This is called Pulse Jet cleaning. During a short-time impuls, the compressed air is blown into the interior of the bag in a shock-like manner, which inflates the filter tubes in a pulsed manner and repels the dust from the surface of the bag. Münstermann bag filters are available in many sizes and freely scalable. Thus, both very large volume flows can be filtered and also structural conditions can be optimally taken into account at the customer.

Taking into account all process-relevant parameters including safety and environmental regulations, any required explosion protection and factory specifications by our excellently-positioned engineering team, we work with you to develop the optimal filter solution for you.