Münstermann's Venturi scrubbers achieve very high separation efficiencies and can be used for a wide range of applications. Venturi scrubbers are particularly suitable for the simultaneous separation of gaseous and particulate impurities.

Functionality of the Venturi scrubber

The raw gas enters the Venturi Scrubber through the vertical venturi head, in which the scrubbing liquid is induced via open pipes. Spray nozzles are not needed because the liquid is efficiently distributed and dispersed by the venturi impact. This allows the direct recycling of liquid even with high solid contents and prevents any scaling and plugging.

In the adjustable rectangular venturi throat the gas is accelerated to a high velocity with the effect that the scrubbing liquid is dispersed into very fine droplets, which enclose and trap the particles. Since the venturi throat is automatically adjusted by a differential pressure control, the removal efficiency, determined by this pressure drop, is and always kept at a high level even at fluctuating gas flows.

In the diffusor elbow arranged behind the pressure drop is partly recovered. Then the gas passes into the centrifugal separator through a tangential inlet. The scrubbing liquid with the adsorbed particles is separated by the centrifugal effect and flows downward via the slurry discharge into a separate recycle tank while the cleaned gas leaves the separator through the top. The scrubbing liquid tank is installed below the separator. A circulation pump transports the scrubbing liquid back to the venturi scrubber.

A level measurement controls the fresh water added into the tank to replace the evaporated cooling water and the discharged scrubbing liquid. 

Advantages of the Venturi scrubber at a glance

  • Minimized cleaning and maintenance work
  • No spray nozzles, no abrasion, no scaling and plugging
  • Flexible adjustment to changing flow rates by adjustable venturi throat
  • Scrubbing liquid circulation possible with high solid content
  • Minimized requirements for downstream wastewater treatment