Projects Glass and Stone Wool

Münstermann has supplied a new glass wool curing oven and a white wool forming section to a glass wool manufacturer in Scotland. Since start-up of the plant in June 2019, the exhaust air of both lines is effectively cleaned in two Münstermann Venturi Scrubbers before discharged into atmosphere.

Project description: for glass wool and white wool

The exhaust air extracted from the curing oven contains glass wool fibres which are polluted with sticky binder remains. The 180 °C hot gas flow of 30,000 m³/h is sucked into the Venturi Scrubber where the contained glass wool fibres and the soluble gas components are washed out. The 45,000 m³/h exhaust air sucked-off from the white wool forming section at 140 °C is loaded with a considerable amount of white wool fibres which are completely washed out in the Venturi Scrubber.

Established solution for glass and mineral wool plants

The Münstermann Venturi Scrubber is reaching very high separation efficiencies and successfully working for this application in several glass wool and white wool plants.