Projects clean air technology

Air cleaning and de-dusting is becoming more and more important in the Arab world. In the past few years Münstermann has been able to deliver over 30 units for different uses to the United Arab Emirates.

Quite recently a further Münstermann unit for sifting screen and crusher de-dusting has been taken into operation in Ras Al Khaimah (U.A.E.).for the company Stevin Rock, one of the largest quarry operators in the region.

De-dusting in the desert

The unit has been designed to deal with an air volume of 65,000 m³/hour and achieves a dust residue content of less than 10 mg/m³. The machine is employed in the classification of limestone. The crushed stones are fed into a screen via a jaw crusher and an additional secondary crusher, in which the crushed stones are sorted into different sizes. Finally the screened material is transported into silos by means of conveyor belts.

Successful in the Near East

Stevin Rock focuses on the quality and capability of the Münstermann de-dusting systems. The delivery form of the units is at the same time flexible. The filter heads are produced and assembled by Münstermann in Germany. The engineering of the steel frame and the piping come from Telgte nevertheless are produced locally by a partner company. As a result qualitatively high-value but good value for money solutions can be offered. The next project for Stevin Rock has been fixed: four units for the de-dusting and modernisation of the ship loader adjoining the quarry are in planning.