The NFCT compact surface filter operates fully automatically with a compressed air cleaning system. This custom-made filter allows economic operation with a constantly low filter differential pressure. The filter system can be offered with filtration areas of up to 300 m² in one filter housing.

The control of the cleaning impulses is carried out electro-pneumatically. Impulse and interval times can be regulated. Impulse and interval times can be regulated. Large front doors enable a quick and easy access for maintenance operations.


The filter housing is constructed of reinforced welded steel sheet. Airtight doors allow access to the clean gas chamber. The filter element consists of individual filter bags and inserts with spanners. The filter elements, stretched via locking fastener, are easy to maintain and can be removed from the front.

In particular the cleaning device consists of:

  • Easy to dismantle nozzle pipes
  • Membrane valves
  • Valve control units
  • compressed air manifold