Projects material handling

Two functions are becoming increasingly important in the design of our thermal processing units. The first function is the material handling of goods when loading and unloading the dryer or the oven; the other is the automation technology such as the control system or the integration of the unit into the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.

Shuttle-system for the loading of chamber ovens

The shuttle is an integral part of the extension of the production line for exhaust catalytic converters, for which Münstermann has supplied five large chamber ovens. In only one week a shuttle system from another supplier was replaced by a Münstermann shuttle system with seven servo drives.

The shuttle loads and unloads the metal sheets, on which the ceramic honeycomb components stand, fully automatically in the frames, which are installed in the ovens.

First class automation from our Measurement and Control Department

The central point of the production flow is the Rockwell control systems including the safety management. The visualisation is achieved by means of a Wonderware System Platform. In the event of a failure of the Historian to store the oven's processing data, this was equipped with an Eurotherm Control System including a 'Store and Forward' function.