Projects material handling

Münstermann has made use of all its experience in the transfer car sector in the production of a handling system for metal coils. A new charging machine for the transport of the charging wagons to load and unload the annealing oven and for the loading and unloading of the bull block-side spaces.

With the charging machine, which is in principle a mechanical gathering and removal device, charging wagons loaded with coils are collected from their temporary storage positions or their storage spaces in the warehouse and via a track system are transported to the respective ovens.

After the annealing process the charging wagons are moved on again to the bull block-side temporary storage spaces or returned to their allotted storage spaces in the warehouse. The charging machine is able to shunt the individual charging wagons to their allotted positions in the warehouse.

The loading of the oven is carried out fully automatically and requires no assistance from personnel for the transport and for the loading and unloading of the oven.

The concept of the handling system is designed in such a way so that further annealing ovens to increase the loading capacity can be integrated at a later stage.

Some further technical details of the transfer car:

  • The travelling distance of the transfer car is 27 metres.
  • All loading, unloading, oven locations as well as shunting and storage spaces can be reached.
  • In the first expansion stage 17 stops are planned. Further stops can be added quite simply.
  • The maximum duration of the cycle time of loading and unloading the oven is 10 minutes.