Transportation and cable pull systems

The transportation of the cable is effected by tensioners. Cables with a diameter of up to 300 millimetres and at a speed of up to 20 metres a minute are transported. The roller path consists of heavy duty rollers and has as an example a bending radius of up to 3 metres.

Along with the actual transport systems Münstermann can offer turnkey solutions including the static calculations, the design, development and the production of the constructional steelwork for the roller path. The loading arm for the transfer of the cable to the turntable can, depending on the requirement, be pivoted both horizontally or vertically either electrically or hydraulically.

As a safety measure on a sudden interruption of the production process so-called accumulators (hold down force up to 6 tonnes) are responsible for storing the cable in loops when different speeds of the transport system and the turntable occur.

The transportation, turntable and the additional components are controlled fully automatically by operational control elements (joysticks and the control panel). The unit itself is safeguarded by sensors and an emergency stop system.