Pre-heating ovens and warming up chambers

Preparatory processes – energy-saving and efficient

In some production processes raw materials or goods have to be warmed up or heated before they can be further processed in the subsequent process steps. The size and shape of the products in this connection can differ greatly.

Often the units have to be loaded manually on account of the size of the products. The Münstermann units are characterised by their accessibility and can be loaded effectively with fork-lift trucks. The appropriate sluices and rolling doors are designed and manufactured to operate to save energy.

Parameters such as temperature profiles, process times or the type of loading are also clearly definable in our pre-heating chambers and heating ovens.

Your advantages

  • Customer-specific adjustment of the temperature and humidity profiles as well as the duration of the heating cycles
  • Integration of a number of chambers under one shell
  • Optimised loading and unloading devices depending on application

Münstermann builds for example

  • Pre-heating ovens for bales of rubber
  • Pre-heating ovens for metal bands
  • Heating ovens for steel rolls and coils
  • Heating ovens for voltage transformers