Metal strip dryers and coolers – flexible and based on the customer’s needs

Metal strip drying

To dry metal strips Münstermann offers dryers and blow off stations as well as a combination of blow off stations and heaters. Our convection dryers dry goods using process air. In the case of blow off stations an extremely high air stream dries the wet surfaces. The used amount of heat energy varies depending on the application. Steel strip dryers can be connected up to the existing heating medium quite simply.

Our engineers are very flexible with regard to the design of the dryers. We take into account any structural characteristics on site or any procedural demands when building the plant. On request Münstermann can also supply units with complete electrical equipment and all the necessary control systems.

Metal strip coolers

Metal strip coolers cool steel and other metal strips which have been heated up in the course of a coating process. They are mostly employed in the larger strip treatment lines.

The Münstermann convection cooler cools with cold air. On account of its structural design of the often complicated handling lines the metal strips can run through the unit both horizontally or vertically. There is a Münstermann unit for both cases in the appropriate optimised detailed design.

Special nozzles for high efficiency

Our special nozzles are slotted nozzles which are especially easy to fit to the individual nozzle boxes. Skids can be fitted to protect the nozzles from damage, from breaks in the bands, faults in the band drive equipment or an abnormal run of the band.

These skids lie level with the surface of the bands above the level of the nozzles and are produced from stainless steel or optionally from plastic.