Example: Inter gas dryer for strip material
Example: Inter gas dryer for strip material

Inert gas dryers

Drying in an explosive atmosphere

In the presence of an adequate amount of air, which is the normal case under atmospheric conditions, an explosive mixture can be formed in the absence of combustible gases or dust.

If the concentration of gases or dust cannot be or is not dropped to a safe level, an inert gas, such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide can be added in large quantities to the existing atmosphere so that an uncritical maximum permissible concentration of air is achieved.

Dryers, which use this principle, are known as Inert Gas Dryers.

Münstermann supplies inert gas units for both batch processing (chamber dryers) and also for the continuous operational units (continuous flow dryers). Nitrogen is commonly used as inert gas in this process.

Münstermann supplies these units optionally in combination with exhaust air cleaning plants (including thermal afterburning, regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO, TRA), as well as catalytic systems) and solvent recovery units (condensation plants).