Flash dryers

Short-time dryer – space-saving and quick

Flash dryers arrange for continuous flow drying in the shortest possible time. Loose materials or paste-like products can be dried using pneumatic air flow in a continuous flow system. The goods are transported vertically in a warm air flow and dwell for a few seconds in the unit. Speeds of between 20-30 metres per second are common.

Flash dryers are generally the most simple and best-value-for-money convective short-time dryers. They can easily be integrated as in general they require only little space. If the short drying time does not achieve the necessary final moisture content, a fluidized bed filter can be fitted downstream of the flash dryer.

For the feeding of a moist product into an electric dryer an endless screw, spinners or a pneumatic charging can be used. The good to be dried or article must be adequately free flowing. The end product is separated/deposited by the Münstermann unit via a bag filter systems.

Your advantages

  • Simple and economically priced solutions
  • Space-saving designs
  • Downstream fitting of further drying systems is possible
  • Manifold loading systems for the unit

Münstermann flash dryers can dry for instance

  • Melamine
  • Starch and potato fibres
  • Aluminium hydroxide
  • Dicalcium phosphate
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Ammonium salts