Custom specific development of dryers and thermoprocessing plants

Trials and test series – innovative and intelligent

Even with decades of experience in design, development and production our process engineers are confronted with new areas of application time and again: new materials, for which no or very few plants have been developed. In our own pilot plant section with every conceivable type of dryer we conduct extensive series of tests to meet the demands of design and development of the drying plants.

Plant engineering – responsible and energy-saving

We attach especially great importance to the energy efficiency of our plants. Whether they are burners, heating elements or ventilators, the Münstermann dryers contain energy-saving aggregates. Their proper design also ensures that no unnecessary energy is consumed. An efficient insulation of the units including the base plate and the special frame mode of construction are further energy-saving measures. In many cases the warm outgoing air can be redirected again into the dryer or to another step in the process.

Simulation processes – innovative and customer-oriented

New areas of application are tested using the most modern simulation processes. In the case of mechanical problems we resort to FE-simulations, for example, to exclude a possible material fatigue. For new processes we work out air flow simulations in order to optimise the temperature and the air flow speed of the drying air. When required we also cooperate with external research institutes. The results are processes with immediate advantages for our customers.

Examples for custom specific developments

  • Münstermann has a patented production process that considerably shortens the production time of battery plates.
  • In cooperation with a customer and a university we have greatly improved the quality by drying carbon fibres.