Chamber dryers and conditioning chambers

Drying of goods – universal or in batches

Using our chamber dryers you can dry the most different and also large-sized goods batch wise. The temperature in a chamber dryer can be adjusted by altering the temperature or time curves – generally and with long drying periods. Your requirement is decisive for the size of the chambers or the integration of several chambers under one shell.

Along with the pure drying of the products other process parameters such as humidification for adjustment of exact climatic conditions in climate chambers can be implemented.

The loading of the dryer can be carried out manually or automatically. Intelligent automation concepts, such as with the use of robots, provide for a quasicontinuous operation of our chamber dryers.

Your advantages

  • Individual temperature and humidity profiles
  • Adaptability also in the case of long processing periods
  • Integration of several chambers under one shell:
    • Fitting to the existing floor space available
    • Control of the different chambers from a collective control panel
  • Depending on the application optimised loading and unloading devices such as sliding doors or even automatic loading

Münstermann builds for example

  • Dryers for the refractory industry
  • Dryers for the building materials industry
  • Curing ovens for battery plates
  • Climate chambers for the production of safety glass
  • Chamber dryers for crackers for parakeets