Belt dryers and continuous flow dryers

Drying in series – continuous and automatic

The continuous drying of certain products is taken care of by belt and continuous flow dryers. Bulk goods, individually packed goods and endless products as well as granulates or goods sold by the metre are transported on conveyor belts through the units, other goods in product carriers by conveying systems. We also design and develop fitting solutions for belt and continuous flow dryers for the automatic loading and unloading of units.

The larger units mostly consist of several zones. By integrating further zones the capacity can be increased at any time. The individual zones are pre-assembled and are delivered complete to the installation site. Each zone can be equipped with its own heating devices and fans. So you can match the temperature profile and the quantity of air optimally to the heat treatment process. The air circulation takes place vertically or horizontally and in many units also directed either-way from zone to zone.

Your advantages

  • Customer-specific adjustment of the temperature and moisture profiles as well as the duration of the heating cycles
  • Adjustments to meet the demands by the construction of zones
  • Acustomised handling system through the unit to suit the application
  • Automated loading and unloading systems for the unit
  • Optimised sluices and lifting gates

Münstermann builds for example

  • Continuous flow dryers for diesel particulate filter
  • Continuous flow dryers for ceramic honeycomb bodies
  • Continuous flow dryers for electronic components for the automotive industry
  • Continuous flow dryers for coils of wire
  • Continuous flow dryers for feeder sleeves in the refractory industry