General view of a curing oven: the fans and burners have not yet been fitted
General view of a curing oven: the fans and burners have not yet been fitted

Wide curing oven for glass wool production

Münstermann has just delivered a wide curing oven to Knauf Insulation S.A. for the production of glass wool in Eastern Europe.

The oven is designed for a capacity production of up to 200 tonnes per day and even the other performance data and technical specifications can be put forward with pride.

Münstermann’s curing oven

Münstermann’s curing ovens are at the latest state of the art which is clearly illustrated by the current project. This one is in the wide version. That means that a width of 2,500 mm can be produced. The glass wool strips can be divided up into different sizes (according to the product) after leaving the oven so that with a wide oven different sizes can always be produced at the same time.

The oven is made up of alternating chambers (zones) of modular construction. At the intake end a conveyor belt tightening mechanism is fitted and at the outlet end of the unit there is the drive station. The individual curing chambers or zones are approx. 6 metres in length. In the case in question there are 8 zones. Including the conveyor tightening station and the drive section the overall length of the unit is 55 metres.

Compact modular construction

The Münstermann ovens are compact and of modular design. The fans and burners are integrated into the housing on the side of the unit. As well as that the layout of the fans and burners are alternated in every zone. If the fans are on the left then the burners are built in on the right and so the layout is alternated in the following zone. In this way any imbalance resulting from the differences in temperature can be adjusted.

Special emphasis is put on the insulation of the oven. The ovens are therefore insulated from top to bottom using special constructive measures so that thermal bridges can be avoided. As an example the doors are mentioned; these are extensively and very well-insulated.

Technical specifications in detail:

  • Glass wool output of the oven amounts to approx. 200 tonnes/day
  • The thickness of the end product can be adjusted to between 20 and 350 mm
  • The typical width of the product amounts to 2,400 mm and is adjustable
  • The oven can be run at a speed of between 7 and 90 metres per minute

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