The integration of four heating chambers allows an easy loading of the chambers
The integration of four heating chambers allows an easy loading of the chambers

Custom-specific preheating oven

Our customer, WTW Wandler- und Transformerwerk Wirges could have certainly bought four single heating ovens off the peg but for special demands standard solutions do not often have the characteristics that are required.

In this special case the dimensions of the chambers in the production process were an important factor for this customer-made solution.

Integration of four individual ovens

In the case of this thermic plant for WTW it is a question of the integration of four heating chambers in which liquid resin used in the production of voltage and current transformers is hardened. The reason for the integration of the chambers was to combine the heating ovens in the production process and the local conditions and, for example, to save space by implementing a joint insulation of the chambers.

The size of the individual chambers themselves is determined by the nature and number of the transformers that is processed in one passage. The handling of the transformers and the loading and emptying of the chambers can, depending on the size of the transformers, be difficult so that the doors and also the oven openings will have to be optimal suited to the production process.

Advantages of an integrated solution

Of course a common housing is no justification alone for the integration of four different chambers, however, in a custom-made solution then the customer’s further wishes can be complied with. The specific adjustments in this particular case have the following advantages:

  • An optimal utilisation of the standing space available for installation of the four chambers can achieved by using two different dimensions of usable space.
  • The openings of the chambers are constructed in such a way that a retrospective re-equipping with an automatic feeding process can be fitted for loading and unloading the ovens.
  • The control is effected centrally from one service desk.
  • The individual chambers were optimised with regard to maximum temperature and the required heating cycle.