Custom-made standard chamber dryers
Custom-made standard chamber dryers

Custom-made standard chamber dryers

The new chamber dryer series combines price advantages of a standard product with the flexibility of a customer-specific development.

In its basic version the chamber dryer or the heating chamber has a working capacity of 1300 × 1300 × 1450 mm (width × height × depth). Additional standard sizes are available.

The actual flexibility of the dryers results from their scalability. Customer-specific chamber sizes can be simply and effectively determined by means of a resizing of the housing and internal dimensions. The user can therefore optimise the chamber dryer to suit the particular application.

In the design and development special attention has been paid to the simple and uncomplicated loading of the chambers. The dryer is specially adapted to the drying of goods in rack trolleys or wire mesh boxes. For this reason the dryer is equipped with an integrated track system in the insulated floor and a large single-leaf door. The goods to be dried can therefore be pushed very simply into the dryer either loaded onto kiln cars and or on pallets with a hand or motorized fork-lift truck. The housing is in fact insulated so that the heat losses are reduced to a minimum.

Further advantages of the chambers

  • The drying or heating air is passed through the products to be dried in the chambers in a crosswise direction. The products to be dried are purposefully and evenly dried in this way.
  • The tracks in the insulated bottom can be adapted on request to take the customer’s own wire mesh boxes or rack trolleys.
  • The maintainability of the chambers is to be highlighted. The fan and the heating register for example can easily be replaced from the upper side.
  • The dryers, fully wired, including a function test are supplied by Münstermann

Basic technical details

  • Temperature range of up to 150 °C at a setting accuracy of +/- 3 K
  • Electric heating system in which the temperature curve and the timing cycles are individually adjusted
  • Useable space: different sizes from 1300 × 1300 × 1450 mm (width × height × depth)
  • Stable, tightly welded interior
  • Stainless or standard grade steel designs available