Dryer for coated surfaces
Dryer for coated surfaces

Dryer for coated surfaces

A vertical Münstermann- steel belt dryer has been delivered to Sundwig GmbH.

The dryer has been taken into operation at Voest Alpine Stahl AG in Linz, Austria for the drying of coated surfaces of steel belts in the finishing process of Galvanising Line No. 5.

The current dryer is a convective dryer i.e. the drying is effected with warm air. The heat energy needed for the drying process is extracted from heat exchangers from saturated steam. The dryer was built in the Münstermann Compact Design.

Advantages of the compact design

  • Compact, ready to build and serviceable unit with heat and sound-proofing insulation of the housing and tightly welded inner casing
  • No additional installation work required for the production of serviceability due to the components installed in the casing
  • Double insulation with variable inner section for the realisation of a colder outer surface
  • generously dimensioned case apertures for inspections and repair work

The special thing about this unit is the application of fresh air supply. With this arrangement it is possible to actively influence the moisture content of the dryer air circulation.