Product crusher for a bulk goods belt dryer
Product crusher for a bulk goods belt dryer

Product crusher for a bulk materials belt dryer

Münstermann has been designing and developing belt dryers for bulk materials among other things for the chemical industry (e.g. catalytic bulk materials or SAP materials).

The design, development and production of the dryers is mostly elaborate than applications in other industrial sectors. For instance the requirements of the material to be used (e.g. stainless steel) or the demands of the exhaust air treatment on account of possible critical exhaust air are often becoming greater.

Experience brings out the detail and the details make all the difference

Along with the higher demands experience of our designers is reflected, however, in the detailed solutions. An example is the product crusher as it is employed in this current belt dryer project.

The crusher is positioned at the belt dryer outlet and straddles the whole operating width of the dryer with approx. 4 metres. With this the dried and related products with a layer thickness of about 100 mm for further transport are crushed to approx. 10 to 40 mm.

The crusher’s shaft is spiral shaped and fitted with flat bars (see 3-D drawing above) with a fixed grill placed under it. 15,000 kg/h can be crushed depending on the material. The motor performance depends on the product and the output amounts usually to 30 kW.

Loosening and cleaning

In addition to the crusher two further interesting components have been installed:

  • On the upper side of the belt a loosening roller is fitted to loosen and pre-crush the product layer. Belt separation and rotational speed can be adjusted (see illustration below left)
  • A belt cleaner is fitted to the belt deflection arm. Product residues are removed from the conveyor belt by a roller with plastic strips. The separation to the belt is also adjustable. (See illustration on the right).