Burner at a Münstermann dryer
Burner at a Münstermann dryer

A new service: burner maintenance by Münstermann

Regular checks and servicing increases the safety of production units and for many other units: inspections, such as those for burners, where legislative regulations apply.

Regular servicing and the optimal adjustment of their burners reduce the running costs and protect the environment. We recommend you to have the burners serviced annually to be able to produce safely and optimally in future.

New service offered by Münstermann

With immediate effect the maintenance and inspection of gas burners in our dryers and heat treatment units is offered as a service to our customers. For you, as the customer, will benefit as the user from an optimal service with the customary Münstermann reliability – after all no one knows our dryers as well as we do.

The burner maintenance comprises the following:

  • Cleaning and/or the exchange of the gas filter
  • Cleaning and/or exchange of the combustion air filters
  • Checking and cleaning of the flame monitoring system
  • Visual check of the ignition electrode for possible wear
  • Visual check and cleaning of the burner head
  • Functional test of the air and gas inlet valve
  • Functional test of the safety valve
  • Functional test of the leakage control
  • Functional test of the air and gas low pressure valve
  • Optional: Lambda- and smoke measurement checks

Service and advice with Münstermann's customary quality and reliability

After completion of the inspection a full report is prepared for each individual unit and is made available to the customer. If necessary a recommended list of spare parts can be appended to the report. Specially trained Münstermann technicians carry out the inspection. After completion of the inspection a service–technician will be available for a final wash-up.