Erection of the dryer on customers' site
Erection of the dryer on customers' site

Relocation of a dryer for water-soluble polymers

Bringing old dryers and ovens up to scratch is one of Münstermann’s competences. A current project for Solenis is something very special and deals with a drying unit produced by a third party.

Dismantling, rebuilding and optimisation

Münstermann had the task of dismantling a twenty-year old unit operating in Germany and to rebuilding this in Russia. This unit is a ten-zone dryer including a feed and release system for the production of flocculants.

Along with the actual dismantling and rebuilding of the unit smaller optimisation measures to the basic structure of the dryer were carried out. Defective and worn parts detected during the dismantling process, in time with the relocation, were redesigned, manufatured and replaced.

Conceptual updates

In addition, entire assembly units have replaced. Examples worth mentioning are an optimised base frame for the new installation site, the hinged slat chain conveyor, exhaust air pipes and the discharge system fitted with trough screw conveyors. The heat exchangers were replaced by newer models as the dryer at the new location in Perm is to be powered by electricity instead of steam.

Tight deadlines and assembly in Russia

In order to keep to tight schedule of all the optimisation tasks, refurbishment and above all the documentation requirements very careful planning upfront along with the appropriate manpower in the background was required. In this connection the most excellent cooperation with the customer must definitely be mentioned so that the contract could be most successfully completed to the satisfaction of all concerned.