Reusability, object structure and internationality

Re-usability and object structure in the form of a catalogue

Despite the tight project orientation the aspect of re-usability had a constant influence during the design and development phase. On this basis an object structure in the form of a catalogue was established, in which the basic objects (work pieces, work objects, tools, robots and external control units) for the assembly of a project are coordinated.

The basic objects can be created, copied, edited and deleted via the respective editors. The established basic projects are therefore available to every project without restriction.

International character

Considering the general re-usability, the language file operation was put into practice. The application can therefore be made use of in an already established language. During the development phase attention was paid to represent languages with complicated character sets such as Cyrillic, Arabic or Chinese. The underlying assumption is that the respective Windows Language Package is installed in the target computer and that Windows is familiar with this character set.