Future developments

The project-specific development and the present experience lead us to a further development and optimisation of the pattern-setting generator. The principal focus is, at the moment, on the generalisation of the software for ideally different areas of application.

The software does not recognise whether a stone, a catalytic converter or a sack of cement is to be handled. That must remain as it is. The forms of geometric representation are, of course, very varied and the universal application of the pattern-setting generator will also be a focus of further development.

Another aspect is the development of an automatic strategy on the basis of the arrangement of robots, objects to be processed and the positions of the objects in the pattern. The mathematics of robotics will now be more closely looked at. The application of all coordinate systems of the kinematic chain and the 3-D simulation of all six robots axes show initial findings practically on the basis of which further development will be made.

A further very important subject is the connection of additional information to the work piece, the robot or the project. This data is used with the PLC-controlled machine, which works in co-operation with the robots. For future developments suggestions, criticisms, queries regarding options of implementation from the users and customers are welcome and helpful. Suggestions or simply other points of view prompt the next trains of thought, which usually lead to further development