Setting and calibration unit for refractory bricks
Setting and calibration unit for refractory bricks

Pattern-setting generator for robots

As part of a current project, Münstermann has developed a pattern-setting generator, which simplifies the robot’s teach-in procedure or even replaces it completely. The program allows a user to independently make changes to the pattern setter or to produce completely new setting patterns of new work piece formats intuitively. Simplified, robot movements can be created with the generator without the need for much cost-intensive external expert knowledge.

Benefits and key features and of the pattern-setting generator

  • Avoiding costs
  • Controlling your own projects
  • Simple creation of setting patterns for robots
  • Centralized data management
  • Development and optimization during operation
  • Detailed review and simulation of the pattern-setting possible before project implementation

Important elements of the pattern setter

  • Organisation in uniform project structures
  • Editors for reusable basis-objects
  • Drop & Drag-functionality offers an intuitive operation
  • 3D-display of the sample pattern placement and work pieces
  • Connection of additional data to the respective machines
  • Easy translatable user interface

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