Setting unit (one part of the overall plant)
Setting unit (one part of the overall plant)

Setting and calibration unit for refractory bricks

A challenging project has been implemented for RHI AG. This is a setting and calibration system for refractory bricks. It is challenging, as the degree of automation is very high.

Short description of the unit

A kiln car loaded with bricks is moved into position and made firm. After that different shapes and sizes of bricks are placed onto a chain conveyor belt by a 6-axis robot, which can be fitted with different types of grippers. Finally the bricks are positioned for measuring and calibration, the product type is designated and the bricks are measured. At the next position the product is labelled. In the last steps of the process the products are palletised and made ready for despatch.

The functions in detail

  • Unloading and positioning of the refractory bricks from the kiln car onto the linear conveyor
  • Calibration (height measurement), marking (grade of classification, designation etc.) and labelling of the bricks
  • Palletising the bricks according to grade of classification on wooden pallets

Approximately 60 different shapes and sizes of bricks can be handled with the system. For this reason the content of control technology is very high. An example of this is the self-programmed pattern setting generator. The operator can, with this, adjust the setting pattern to the different brick sizes at the flick of a switch. The robots ensure optimal stacking of the bricks on the conveyors and pallets. T

Images of the robot during the initial programming