Stahlbau Ihnen

Stahlbau Ihnen

Steel construction with full passion. Since 1967, Stahl- and Metallbau IHNEN realizes steel construction projects for customers in Germany and worldwide. In particular the industry benefits from the know-how from East Frisia.

Stahlbau IHNEN develops, designs and manufactures individual substructures for plants and whole production lines and reconstructs existing production plants. Complete hall constructions, special high-bay warehouses for heavy parts and tools as well as fittings like stairs, handrails, etc., complete the extensive range of services.

Stahlbau IHNEN offers its customers across all industries all our services from one source. From design and statics to production and assembly. Based on the specifications and first drawings, the IHNEN-engineers develop complete construction drawings. When required, a project will be preassembled in own production halls. This guarantees a quick and flexible assembly on site.

The machinery and tool park spreads over 20,000 m2 on a total area of 60,000 m2. A flexible structure and a high degree of automation enable the implementation of sophisticated individual solutions as well as extensive serial orders in high quality.

After design and production the steel construction project can take real shape on site. At Stahlbau IHNEN, the in-house logistics is responsible for the transport of the materials to the site where the experienced assembly teams need it. Through forward-thinking design and the flexible working structure, even short-term schedule changes can be managed.

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