Training year 2011 (from the left): Sandra Aertker, Christoph Buntenkötter; Michael Ahlers; Florian Höft
Training year 2011 (from the left): Sandra Aertker, Christoph Buntenkötter; Michael Ahlers; Florian Höft

Current training year at the forefront again

The current training year has ended this year with a 'very good' grade and shows us again that young people are prepared to work and take on the responsibility of the challenges of shaping innovative solutions for our customer.

Training with system

With a training quota of about 10% Münstermann has time and again successfully trained young people from its own apprentices. A good training concept and satisfactory social relationships at work promote the motivation and the feeling of belonging and with it the precondition for effective learning. Pupils from every type of school have throughout achieved positive successes and in many cases have been incorporated into the company as motivated and responsible workers.

So a number of former trainees are employed in the Sales and Project Planning Departments as Junior Salesmen and ensure that their experience and knowledge remains in the company. At the same time this brings new impulses from the schools and colleges into the company and the know-how can be developed further. A part-time degree course, which both Michael Ahlers and Florian Höft are taking part in, but also additional courses and courses in foreign countries support this process in the long term.

The advantages for Münstermann are plain to see: motivated employees, who identify themselves with the company, lead to satisfied customers.

Four good examples

The four trainees, who have finished their training in 2011, are good examples that the investment in training pays off. Sandra Aertker was taken on after her training as a Technical Draughtsperson and now designs and develops material-handling solutions. Michael Ahlers and Florian Höft have decided that after their training as Technical Draughtsmen to join the Sales Department and support the old hands with the project planning and preparation of quotations.

With the first small projects they have moreover the opportunity to transform their own ideas directly to the customer's benefit. Christoph Buntenkötter, on the other hand, has decided, after his training as a Metalworker, to aim at becoming an engineer. Below you will find short comments by the successful employees.

Original comments on training at Münstermann

Sandra Aertker

»I find it particularly interesting that I am able to design and develop units myself as well as being able to follow these through to their assembly on site. Our customers are always producing new challenges for us to face up to. That I find as an especially interesting challenge in special plant engineering. Working independently is always welcomed and gives me, together with the cooperation with more experienced colleagues, much satisfaction.«

Michael Ahlers

»My courses in foreign countries have contributed much to build up my self-confidence and for me to be able to have a good command of both written and spoken technical English. The link between the theory and practice in the training and in the dual-study course has meant that I can make specific use of my new knowledge and at the same time profit from the existing knowledge of experienced colleagues.«

Florian Höft

»I especially like the fact that after the completion of my training as a Technical Draughtsman I have been confronted with new challenges. From the start of a new contract, even from definition of the customer's problem to the operational start-up, I am allowed to contribute to the design and development of the machines and plants with my own solutions and to make use of my newly gained skills purposely for innovative solutions.«