Energy-saving design of industrial drying units
Energy-saving design of industrial drying units

Energy-saving design of industrial drying units

Münstermann has taken this into account already in that in the drying units, for example, energy-efficient units (burners, heating elements, ventilators and fans etc) have been installed. It is not only in economical sub-assemblies and components that hard cash is saved during the operation of the units for the customer but also in the constructive design of the units. In Münstermann’s case, it is mostly in the industrial dryers and ovens that care can be taken to see that heat does not leave the dryers or the ovens in an uncontrolled fashion.

A whole range of active measures can save energy:

  • Efficient insulation of units will save energy. Münstermann takes care that even the floor of the dryers or the ovens is, when possible, insulated.
  • Münstermann designs its units, if required, in a special frame mode of construction. That goes so far as to separating the outer and the inner frames in such as way that thermal bridges can largely be avoided.
  • Much importance is attached by Münstermann to the design of the doors, the gate and the access panels as thermal bridges often arise here. A separate team at Münstermann concerns itself with the design and improvement of the doors.
  • The accurate design of the unit including the right choice of all components ensures that no unnecessary amount of energy has to be produced or is lost without use.
  • In many processes warm outgoing air can be used for the heating of additional functions.

Empirical example

A good example for the energy saving strategies is the project Continuous-flow dryer for coils of wire.