Top view of unit
Top view of unit

Exchange of an old Standard Filterbau unit

One of the first versions of the new MSK Filters series was taken into operation by our customer Carriere de Sous-Vent SA in Switzerland.

The new MSK-Filter replaces an old Standard Filterbau system and was previously supplied by our Swiss sales partner Lüscher Industrieanlagen AG.

The version supplied is a MSK 60-4500-2 filter including assembly to a stone crushing plant. The unit is fitted with 60 filter bags per chamber with a length of 4.500 mm and a diameter of 160 mm. The volume of air to be cleansed is 30.000 m3/hour. The piping system of the old unit remained in place and was recalibrated by our measurement engineers. The MSK version has been designed and developed especially for the requirements of OEM-customers.

The area of operations of dedusting at Münstermann has its roots in one of the pioneers of dedusting technology: the company Standard Filterbau. Their successors were Lüscher Filterbau, who were taken over by Münstermann about ten years ago. Even today we still replace the old units of our predecessor companies and supply spare parts for existing installations.