Curing oven is taken into operation in the USA
Curing oven is taken into operation in the USA

Curing oven is taken into operation in the USA

At the end of February 2008 the first large Münstermann curing oven for glass wool was successfully taken into operation in the USA.

It is not without a certain pride that we can boast that the Acceptance Certificate from our customer Knauf Insulation, Shelbyville, was signed without the inclusion of any notifications of defects or requests to remedy any defects.

Along with the high quality of the furnace the reason for this is certainly Münstermann’s long-standing experience with projects and project management in the USA. So, for example, the assembly was carried out together with an American contractor in order to conform to the special requirements of work safety and the Labour Laws. The risks of delays or possible confrontation with, for example, the local unions could be avoided in advance.

Some specifications of the unit delivered:

  • It is an oven with five zones which can be adjusted laterally to produce a large space and is designed for products of high density
  • The waste air burner has been integrated into the oven in order to satisfy the local environmental regulations
  • For the production of glass wool sheets flights of shiplap blocks were employed
  • Tight tolerances of ± 1.6 mm were achieved in regard to widths between the flights

A second line with a Münstermann oven with seven zones is shortly before start of production.

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