Top view of the two curing ovens
Top view of the two curing ovens

Units for new glass wool production line

A new curing oven and two forming sections from Münstermann are part of a new production line of SCHWENK Dämmtechnik (now Knauf Insulation).

The output of the complete production line amounts to 144 tonnes per day.

The basis of product quality

Curing ovens for the drying of the glass wool and the curing of the binder are the most important plant sections in the production of the most different glass wool qualities. The variety of products regarding density, fibre fineness, material thickness, material width and the strength of the glass is made allowance for by the appropriate plant equipment. The current unit is possible of producing glass wool strips with a width of between 2.40 to 2.80 metres. After the oven section the glass wool is cut to its final width.

The collecting of the glass fibres

In order to gather up the glass and mineral fibres, to enrich the binder and to transport this to the curing oven special forming sections (drop shafts) are employed. These forming sections are essentially responsible for the even distribution of the fibres on the conveyor belts and are the basis of the high quality achieved. In the case of the latest project at SCHWENK two of the same forming sections were employed. On the one hand the large production output is achieved and on the other hand the actual production process of the glass wool is very flexible with the two forming sections.

Finally an interesting aspect in regard to the size of the project: 19 special transporters with excess width and night driving clearance as well as 14 normal articulated heavy goods vehicles were needed for the transport.


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