Illustration: 3D-drawing of the dryer
Illustration: 3D-drawing of the dryer

Dryer for refractory material

An excellent example of a typical working relationship with our customers is a new dryer for RHI.

After numerous trials in our Trials Department optimal curing times and a temperature profile was determined together before the design and development phase in order to reach an even curing of the briquettes.

After the quarrying and classification the fine-grained raw magnesite (basic material for refractory materials) is pressed into briquettes, which has a moisture content of approx. 10% and is extremely brittle. Initially after the slow and gentle drying and hardening in our machine they become hard again and transportable and then can be transferred to the rotary kiln.

The dryer is approx. 40 metres long, is designed for temperatures up to 400°C and is equipped with a specially designed conveyor system for this process. The conveyor belt reduces breakages. The unavoidable remaining breakages are returned to the process by a material handling system, which takes the load off the return and drive station. In order to optimize the energy efficiency and to reduce the CO2 levels exhaust air from the rotary kiln it is passed over a cooling system in the dryer, which leads to an overall environmentally safe operation of the unit.

The dryer was taken into operation in the third quarter of the year.

Images from the commissioning