Dryer during production at Münstermann
Dryer during production at Münstermann

A very Special Project: Belt Dryer for Silica Beads

As a supplier of custom, application-specific equipment, sometimes we have the privilege to complete an unusual project. A recent project for BASF fits into this category. Münstermann constructed two large belt dryers for alumino-silica gel adsorbents, which are used in many industries.

Harsh Environments

The high temperature and exhaust fumes make the dryer vulnerable to corrosion. Therefore, all of the metal surfaces (even the heat exchangers) had to be a special material. The alloy consists mainly of nickel and copper and is around 10 times more expensive than stainless steel.

Challenges in Manufacturing

The BASF welding inspector is very satisfied with our fabrication. Due to the application, it is extremely important that even the smallest welds are excellent quality, otherwise, the parts that are not the special alloy will corrode. All in-process welders are certified to meet the high expectations of our customers. To help ensure the dryer was adequate for processing, Münstermann purchased an X-Ray fluorescence analysis apparatus.

This project is a great example of how Münstermann can successfully resolve a challenging project for our customers.