Transfer car for refractory bricks
Transfer car for refractory bricks

Transfer car for refractory bricks

Units for the refractory industry have been designed, developed and produced by Münstermann for a considerable time.

One current project in the sector material handling is a transfer car for the company RHI, which is designed to carry very heavy loads.

Plant extension

In an extension project concerning a new refractory oven, the handling periphery for the loading of the oven had to be adjusted. The very heart of this adjustment is the freshly developed transfer car.

The unit consists of not only a transfer car, which is designed to carry up to 80 tonnes but also the pushing mechanism, periphery and the automation systems. By means of two hydraulic pushing devices the kiln cars can be moved in both directions with a force of up to 6 tonnes. The unloading transfer cars are also traversable and the cars can be loaded and unloaded directly onto or off transfer car. In total six cars can be moved simultaneously with this transfer car.

Not just the engineering counts

Besides the technical advantages of the solution other factors play an important role in the allocation of this order. Special guarantee and service agreements (e.g. for parts subject to wear) and especially the trust that Münstermann has built up in the maintenance of the timetable were the deciding factors in the placement of the order.