Participation in the 11th Company Run LSF in Münster

Münstermann personnel took part in the 5 kilometre Active Sportshop Company Run LSF in Münster/Westfalia.

Of the total number of 227 teams 30 Münstermann runners provided alone 10 teams.

With these runners Münstermann was the strongest participant after the companies LVM and Primera from Münster. On reflection this is a remarkable achievement as Münstermann has only a strength of approx. 180 workers and especially as the weather conditions were above all far from good. In conditions of snow, cold and a strong head wind 749 runner out of a total of 831 including a number of individuals reached the finish.

There were three categories of teams:

  • Mixed
  • Men only
  • Women only

Münstermann started with one women's team and 9 men's teams. The women's team included Simone Tewes, Simone Hülsmann and Katja Kunterding-Röhrs and they finished 14th out of 23 teams. The best Münstermann men's team included Michael Gerbert, Reinaldo von Schiller and Maik Jankord and they finished on 71st place out of a total of 116 men's teams.The best Münstermann runner was Michael Reinker with a time of 21minutes 19 seconds and was placed 67th out of a field of 749 runners to finish.

The most important fact of all is that all the Münstermann participants finished and had much fun despite the inclement weather conditions. Our grateful thanks goes out to all the fans and followers who supported the runners so loudly throughout the course. Special thanks goes to our Managing Director, Bernd Münstermann, who made this activity possible but also to our Company Sports Official Thomas Reinker who organised everything so well and who kept the participating groups together up to the day of the race