Industrial indoor cycling event at Münstermann. In the background a large forming section.
Industrial indoor cycling event at Münstermann. In the background a large forming section.

Industrial indoor cycling event at Münstermann

A very special event took place in the Münstermann production halls last weekend.

Within the scope of the company sports programme the members of Münstermann were able to take part in an Industrial Indoor Cycling Event (an explanation of this term and some pictures can be found at the end of this article).

Münstermann's sports programme

Sports activities are actively promoted at Münstermann. Whoever takes part in the disciplines swimming, walking, cycling or running competitions is rewarded with different prizes (e.g. running shirts or track suits).

The company's Sports Official, Thomas Reinker, even has something to arouse the enthusiasm of the non-sportsmen and sportswomen in the company by thinking up a very special event.

You take:

  • A production hall with its machines still under construction
  • Two cycling trainers who always wanted to do something different
  • 20 Indoor Bikes
  • loud music fitting to the surroundings


  • 30 enthusiastic Münstermann employees.

There you have a new type of sport called Industrial Indoor Cycling!

The Event

The event took place last Saturday in the Münstermann production halls. The session lasted two hours with two groups of 50 minutes each group. At the beginning of each session the trainers Gaby and Ralf Joch were available and gave a short introduction. The techniques and bikes were described in full.

After the training something to eat and drink was provided for physical well-being and so this event will remain long in the memory of the participants.

Münstermann's sports manager Thomas Reinker says:

The enthusiasm of all the participants was simply enormous. Both the trainers, Gaby and Ralf, spread high spirits and good humour and electrified all the participants. I am sure that this is not the last event of this type at Münstermann.

What is indoor cycling?

Indoor cycling is the term given to an indoor physical training programme – best described as an endurance training sport – performed on stationary cycles, mostly in groups to the accompaniment of (loud) music. A trainer rides in front of the group and various different techniques are practised, for example, fast, hill climb etc.