New Münstermann office building
New Münstermann office building

Political VIPs visit Münstermann

For the opening ceremony of the new office building political VIPs turned up from Berlin.

Along with a large number of invited guests the builder-owner, Bernd Münstermann; was delighted to welcome the Parliamentary Secretary of State from the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology, Hartmut Schauerte, as the main speaker.

1,200 square metres for 65 technicians and engineers – Münstermann is expanding

In the past ten years Münstermann has transformed itself from a contract manufacturer to an industrial company operating world-wide with its own design and development department. The motto 'Innovative Engineering from Germany' makes it clear for Münstermann the significance of its own design and development achievements and technical solutions. After the Design Department grew to 65 technicians and engineers last year space for creativity with this new office building has been provided.

Inauguration of the new office building

In his inaugural speech on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the new office building Bernd Münstermann described the development of his business to a modern industrial company. Thirty years ago he took over his father’s smithy in the fifth generation and is still today a proud craftsman. However he sees himself today more as a handicraft industrialist. In the past ten years the company has been deliberately expanded, even by taking over other businesses, and positioned safely for the future in its offer of products and its presence in the market.

The eight-month construction time of the new building was presented to the guests in a time-lapse film. After the increase in staff of the Design and Development Department to 65 technicians and engineers there was just not enough space for all of them, hence the new building, Bernd Münstermann explained.

Small and medium-sized companies in Münsterland

In his speech, the District Administrator, Rural District of Warendorf, Dr Gericke endorsed the importance of the small and medium-sized businesses especially in the Münsterland. The small and medium-sized companies provide the most workplaces in the region and are for this reason the backbone of the local economy. Münstermann can be considered in many ways as a superb example.

Political competence from Berlin

Before the handover of the keys the main speaker, Hartmut Schauerte, Secretary of State in the Federal Ministry for Economy and Technology, took a firm position on the current repercussions of the finance crisis especially in small and medium-sized companies. In his speech on ‘The finance crisis and the small and medium-sized companies – Where do things go from here?’ he went into the origins and possible solutions to the crisis in detail. He explained that the crisis was not of German origin, however, nevertheless required assiduous efforts to cope with it.

Handover of the keys

The architect of the new office building, Hermann Bolle, handed over a symbolic key to Magdalena and Bernd Münstermann after a short review of the progress of construction. He passed on his special thanks to the business-couple on behalf of all the craftsmen involved for the fair and constructive dealings as principals who despite the approaching difficult times ahead never doubted the realization of the project. After the speeches and while taking a snack the guests had the opportunity to discuss with the speakers and Bernd Münstermann what they had just heard.