Actual sponsor for an online racing team
Actual sponsor for an online racing team

Virtual sponsor for an online racing team

On our internet pages we have often reported Münstermann's support of its employees' sporting activities.

Examples of this are the sponsorship of the employees' participatiopn in running events, cycle races such as the  Münsterland-Giro, sports kit sponsoring for clubs in which the employees or their family members are active or very special events such as Indoor Cycling in the production halls and the participation in the AOK-event 'Biking to work'.

A very special sponsorship was received by our employee Sven Schnabel with his fellow-team members, Thorsten Leistenschneider and Mark Kaus. Sven Schnabel is taking part in an online motor race with his team members ( team page). This concerns a real series of races as a computer game with mainly Japanese competitors. Münstermann is the actual sponsor of the team. The design of the racing car was developed personally by Sven's team. The car bonnet carries a pictogram of each of the Münstermann's product areas (see illustrations below): Drying, Handling, Dedusting.

The online races last up to 3 hours, are very sudorific and in the meantime are about to be included by the German Sports Association as an official sport. Details you can see under