Bernd Münstermann is handing over the baton to Frank Münstermann
Bernd Münstermann is handing over the baton to Frank Münstermann

The change of generations has begun

Also when handing over the baton with regard to the management of the company Münstermann systematically follows the route, which offers the customers, suppliers and the workers planning certainty in good time.

The change of generations has begun

Since 1st October 2010 Bernd Münstermann GmbH & Co KG has two Managing Directors with equal rights. Frank Münstermann was appointed Managing Director with sole power of representation. The main emphasis of his new appointment lies in the coordination of our sales activities. Bernd Münstermann himself is responsible, as a Managing Director, for the production, design and development, and the administration.

The old hands are still on board

The apportionment of the tasks allows a smooth transition of the responsibilities as along with the position of Managing Director Frank Münstermann has also taken over the position of Head of Sales from Wilfried Kemper. Here the company attaches great importance to a healthy mixture of continuity and change. Thus Wilfried Kemper continues to be an authorised officer at your disposal in the company's Sales Department with his many years of experience.

Experience also gained outside Münstermann

Frank Münstermann gathered two years experience in the Design and Development Department of a French concern in the glass industry after completing his Physics degree at university. In January 2008 he joined Münstermann and, as a Project Manager, was responsible for several of our major projects. In the management of these projects he was able to gather intensive experience in all areas, which are important for the successful implementation of complex projects. Frank will be finishing his extra-occupational MBA degree course in 2011 and with this will thus possess the business competence to run a business like Münstermann.

Maintain that which is established, renew that which is necessary

We therefore present a clear personnel outlook for our partners at an early stage and an unbroken transition in the company's management. Read Frank Münstermann's editorial in the left-hand column on cooperation and the future.

You are requested to continue to place your trust in us and challenge us with new problems. We look forward to being able to develop innovative and forward-looking solutions together.