Münstermann employees and families at the Families’ Day 2012
Münstermann employees and families at the Families’ Day 2012

Very high marks for corporate culture

During the last Families’ Day at Münstermann the students Andrea Ahlers, Silvia Brandt and Lukas Kempers carried out a staff survey as part of a project task.

The object of the survey was to obtain a concrete feedback on the topics: leadership, communication, reconciliation of family and working life and further training, dealings with one another, health and some other subjects. The questionnaire was composed of questions on 10 different specific subjects.

The resulting data were analysed anonymously according to age, sex and departmental membership. Most of the questions could be given the school marks of 1 (very good) to 4 (bad). The very high return of the questionnaires reflected the high level of interest and identification of the Münstermann workers with the company. The results of the survey were presented to the employees during a staff meeting later.

Employee survey confirms very high marks for corporate culture

Without exception all topics covered in the survey were assessed with an average result of between 1 and 2. Apart from the confirmation of the measures already implemented at Münstermann other helpful suggestions were made, which can be taken into account for further improvements.

The Münstermann employees believe that their superiors can rely on their staff and their competences that the compatibility of family and job is quite possible and that in private matters assistance can also be offered. As well as this the cooperation between young and old is more than positive and this means that the knowledge and experience is passed on between the different age groups in the company and fresh ideas are creatively implemented to the benefit of our customers. The degree of satisfaction shows the company in its best light with the answer to the question of how the employees feel after a day’s work at Münstermann: 30% answered ‘satisfied’, and a further 66% answered ‘done but contented’.

There were naturally some critical comments made in the survey from which internal measures are to be developed. One focal point as a result will be the further improvement of the communication between departments.

As a whole the results are evidence of the open corporate culture and the professional and mutual cooperation of the employees at Münstermann. This good cooperation forms an outstanding basis for the implementation of further measures, which ultimately benefit both our employees as well as our customers.