Quality assurance on higehst standards
Quality assurance on higehst standards

Quality assurance

Bernd Münstermann GmbH & Co KG designs, develops and produces special machines with complex requirements for its customers worldwide. So that these requirements and the customers' expectations are covered and implemented, internal departmental project meetings are obligatory for every project. Here the optimal progress and the individual project tasks are concentrated on.


From this a timetable is produced, which allows the Quality Assurance Department to select quality-planning measures at every phase of the project, and which takes the form of a Quality Control Plan (QCP). In this plan all the relevant checks, as for example, the customers' individual wishes or the requirements, based on DIN and other standards, are recorded.

The various checks of the individual components and the required documentation can be instantly presented. The quality assurance made available by the QCP includes internal, as well as, external inspections and approvals of the individual components; modules etc, in order to ensure the required quality standards and the regulatory requirements are maintained.

Continuous checks and production controls

Verification processes and the accompanying documentation flow are continually checked and improved on by us as well as the suppliers. As a result we minimise the discrepancies in our Goods-in Department. Here every incoming component is checked and the results are documented accordingly. The Goods-in Department constitutes an important link in the quality assurance chain at Münstermann for this reason.

In order to be able to carry out in-house checks on finished components and units we have our own production control process. All trials and trial runs are therefore recorded and documented. After this a quality document is produced, in which the total number of checks are to be found. These can of course be made available to the customer.

Audits and certifications

Overall Münstermann cultivates a cooperative style of management throughout its departments. This produces a climate, in which every individual can work carefully and responsibly. Münstermann has been certified ISO 9001 since 1995. The quality management system is subject to regular audits and is constantly updated.

The CE marking of raw materials, components and units is standard for us. Münstermann is also certified amongst other things under DIN EN 1090, which allows us to work on projects up to EXC 3.