Principles, Mission, Vision


We are a self-employed and financially independent family business with a strong location in Westbevern. Respect and mutual appreciation among each other as well as to customers and suppliers are the basis of our work.


We are a family business and want to stay! This also means that all company shares are held by family members or employees. We continue to expand our good equity situation. As a result, we remain independent and independent of external partners and strengthen the location in Westbevern.

Part of corporate culture is an open and transparent communication. The basis for this is the respect and appreciation of each other and our business partners.


We develop solutions.

From initial customer contact to commissioning, everything is done to complete a project to the satisfaction of the customer.


A mission describes the essential purpose or the objective of a company. Our mission is "to develop solutions".

Our success is based on technical competence, the development of innovative solutions, but above all the absolute will to successfully complete projects. For this reason, Münstermann is a preferred supplier for many companies.


Our customers experience us as competent partners.

As a technology leader, we work together with the respective market leaders in selected industries..


Visions describe goals that you want to achieve, but which are very difficult or impossible to achieve in full. In some application segments, we already hold the technology and market leadership. Our vision is to work with the respective market leaders in other industrial segments, which we actively develop or actively deal with in sales.

For this reason, our customers should experience us as a competent partner: Process engineering expertise on the same level and on the spot with the customer.