Success factor – The workers

Münstermann’s success has relied on its qualitative top-class and reliable machines and the absolute orientation on the customer’s wishes with regard to the completion of the project. The basis of this success factor is the Münstermann workers. Well-qualified, motivated and responsible workers are no foregone conclusion. A collective togetherness and the appropriate measures within the company are prerequisites to achieve this.

In order to illustrate how the Münstermann employees are placed in the foreground here are a few examples:

  • Employees are able to acquire special dividend rights and so participate directly in the success of the company.
  • Flexible working hour models make it possible to process projects pragmatically and according to schedule. The employees, for their part, are able to organise their own working time within a certain given framework themselves or process these by means of time accounts.
  • The quota of trainees amounts to over 10% as a rule. Many of the workers go on to complete further training courses to become technicians and then return to the company to occupy more responsible positions. At Münstermann the trainees have the possibility to spend some months in companies in foreign countries to improve theír language abilities, learn about different working methods and gain experience of other cultures.
  • Sporting activities are keenly and intensively supported at Münstermann.
  • Languages training in English – In-house courses have been run for a number of years in which participators are able to prepare themselves for specific roles or projects.

All these examples indicate that the term Success factor – The workers is no empty phrase at Münstermann but is alive at all levels.

Especially you as the customer profit from the motivation of the workers and the intimate association developed during our mutual projects.