Pneumatic conveyance of tobacco

As a link between PMD (Primary Manufactory Division) and SMD (Secondary Manufactory Division) NEOTECHNIK supplies pneumatic conveying systems in modular design. In robust piping (Ø 125 mm) the tobacco is transported almost frictionlessly at a speed of 16 - 24 metres/second. With our standard systems safe transit of the good of up to 300 metres is possible. The connection between the pipe parts are optimally shaped so that damage to the tobacco and consequently unnecessary fines are avoided. All conveyor pipes can be supplied as suitable for foodstuffs.

Bends in pipes are fundamentally greater than one metre in diameter. So that a production variable is guaranteed for our customers we supply pipe junction points with a cleverly thought out connecting system. As an option we supply an electronic monitoring and visualisation systems of the pipe connecting sections.

Air Speed Control Unit

By using our speed control systems an exact matching of the transport capacity and air speed can be achieved and monitored in the complex piping systems. These control units make a dynamic feeding of the different cigarette making machines possible using a single de-dusting conveying system. The automatic regulation prevents damage to the tobacco during transportation and saves energy due to an intelligent management of the circulation of the air. Production processes are therefore more efficient and safer as a result.