Dryer for refractory material
Dryer for refractory material

Dryer for refractory material

A further project in the refractory industry sector for the company EKW Feuerfest has been completed by Münstermann. This concerns a dryer for a special refractory material.

Design of the dryer

The drying area, approx. 30 m2 in relation to the total area, is large. A special feature is the kiln car for loading the unit. With the kiln car 25 tonnes of material can be quickly and simply loaded into the dryer.

Shortened and optimised process

Until now the material was dried at a temperature of up to 400 °C. The new Münstermann dryer can reach temperatures of up to 650 °C, which means a shortened drying process.

In comparison to the previous drying process the drying of the material has been optimised. The distribution of air was homogenised and with this the energy efficiency has been improved. In addition the transmission of heat losses resulting from a tightly welded housing and a sophisticated sealing system for the kiln cars has been reduced.

In order to save further energy a heat recovery unit has been installed in the exhaust air pipe, which makes a portion of the expended energy reusable for the process.

Illustrations of the dryer: open, half open and closed