Installed trials unit including control system and piping
Installed trials unit including control system and piping

A special project: Dedusting unit on loan for trials

As producers of bespoken plants Münstermann have gained an extensive portfolio on some very important client based projects. A fine representation of this is a dedusting unit produced for a factory belonging to RHI AG subsidiary PPL in Ireland on a loan basis, for a trial period.

Premier Periclase Ltd. would like to replace an existing electrostatic filter set up with a modern and more efficient bag filter system. A MHF (Multi Hearth Furnace), which produces caustic magnesia, is to be dedusted. Due to its nature of production of dust the client must first run a series of test to insure the viability of the bag filter system, before they can consider any further investment in Design or construction.

Supply on loan

RHI AG have been a good customer of Münstermann for many years. What could be more fitting than to ask Münstermann if a pilot plant was available? We were able to supply a filter unit including control system, take on the commissioning of the filter system and provide the piping. In addition to this Münstermann set up the engineering of the Quench System.

Data and trials

As at today the unit has been assembled and is ready to go. The trials began in the middle of September 2015 and will last about 2 months. In addition a portion of the exhaust air, that is to say, an airflow volume of 5000 Bm3/hour of the trials unit will be fed through the unit. The exhaust air temperature amounts to 350 °C and the moisture content is up to 1.5 kg/kg dry air.