Transfer car shortly before the acceptance of a kiln car
Transfer car shortly before the acceptance of a kiln car

Kiln circuit for a new refractory brickworks in China

One of the most modern factories producing refractory bricks for the cement and steel industry has invested its trust in the automation solutions and material handling competence of Münstermann.

Beijing Tongda Refractory Technologies recently inaugurated a new production line in the town of Gongyi, which operates with a kiln circuit from Münstermann. Gongyi is, on account of its geographic characteristics, one centre of the Chinese refractory industry. Tongda belongs to a company in the BBMG group, one of the largest Chinese producers of building materials.

Parts purchased from Münstermann

The project in Gongyi concerns a new production unit set up quasi on a green field. Along with the kiln, which is also based on German engineering skills, the automation of the kiln circuit is a core competence of the production. The high capacity of the plant can only be reached by the high degree of automation. Münstermann has designed and developed the complete kiln circuit of the plant.

In addition there is one transfer car each for the loading of the kiln with kiln cars and one for the unloading of kiln cars at the kiln outlet. As well as this the appropriate handling devices such as the rope conveyor system has been supplied. Along with the basic rail layout for loading and unloading the kiln there are five storage tracks which are loaded and unloaded fully automatically from the transfer cars. The programming of the kiln circuit was also designed and developed by the Münstermann engineers.

Several interesting technical details about the project

The whole plant is designed for a production capacity of 150 tonnes per day. The kiln cars can be loaded up to a weight of 8 tonnes each. The kiln itself has a length of 150 metres and holds 81 kiln cars. The actual dwell time of the kiln cars in the kiln amounts to approx. 100 hours.